Statutory registers are those which are prescribed to be maintained by each and every company on a regular basis.

List of Statutory registers of company
  • MGT-1 Register of Members
  • MGT-2 Register of Debenture Holders/ Other Securities Holders
  • REGISTER of KMP Register of Directors and Key Managerial Personnel and Their Shareholding
  • SH-2 Register of Renewed and Duplicate Share Certificate
  • SH-3 Register of Sweat Equity Shares
  • SH-6 Register of Employee Stock Option
  • SH-10 Register of Shares/Other Securities Bought Back
  • CHG-7 Register of Charges
  • MBP-2 Register of Loans, Guarantee, Security And Acqisition Made By Company
  • MBP-3 Register of Investment Not Held In Its Own Name By The Company
  • MBP-4 Register of Contracts With Related Party And Contracts And Bodies Etc. In Which Directors Are Interested